Portable high performance microwave consistency meter
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Diagnostic Systems

Portable high performance microwave consistency meter

FiberScanONE™ has been the world’s first microwave consistency meter. It uses harmless microwaves instead of radioactive sources to obtain the measurements. No radioactive hazard to the operator, no licences nor permissions to stock, transport or use radioactive materials.

The 2018, improved FiberScanONE™ sensor technology permits to read up to 54.000gr/m2 of water (54mm), in the widest range of water conductivity on the market, making it not only suitable for any paper or board, but also for pulp machines.

Advanced fluid-dynamics studies further refined the sensor design. The small sensor size allows access to new measuring points further reducing the drag during the test.
The unit is sold with the unique Host FiberScan™ drainage survey database, able to draft machine sketches, and combine all graphs of drainage, retention, vacuum as well as all comments related to each test.
Computational fluid dynamics on the FiberscanONE low drag sensor head
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