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PermFlowDUO™ and EasyScan™ diagnostic systems allow an easy access to simultaneous measurement of press felt moisture, permeability and temperature.

The high sampling ratio used to achieve the measurement makes possible to generate a 3D map, showing the paper maker where are precisely located the possible limitations and act for immediate and measured corrections.

PermFlowDUO™ and EasyScan™ diagnostic systems allow you to:

  • Scan press fabric CMD moisture profiles linking these to paper machine efficiency and paper quality;
  • Scan press fabrics CMD water permeability to discover clogged bands affecting profiles and runnability;
  • Scan press fabrics CMD surface temperature to monitor the effect of the steam box if present and find areas of high friction where there is the risk of batt fibre degradation.

Comparing the performance of different felts allows you to:

  • Reduce energy consumption by optimising the Uhle boxes and HP showers to give steam saving due to a drier sheet after the press section;
  • Reduce paper breaks, often saving at least one production hour per week;
  • Schedule wash-up and felt replacement;
  • Optimize felt start-up;
  • Better understand the profiles issues: flatter moisture profiles entering the dryer section will reduce the moisture related breaks in the dry section, size-press and on-line coater and reduce steam consumption;
  • Optimize press section performances with FFT high frequency analysis.

Monitoring machine clothing on modern high speed machines has also presented a new set of safety and environmental concerns.
New instrumentation technology from Cristini allows real time outputs for clothing moisture content and permeability without requiring operators and technicians to make separate on-machine measurements in dangerous locations. Such practices have been banned in many corporations.
Cristini has developed fixed points or traversing measurement heads that allow direct connections to the machine’s own DCS/MCS systems for data analysis.
Fast Fourier transformation (FFT) capabilities are included with this line of instruments, providing near instantaneous read-out of pulsation or vibration issues.

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